In The Cats World All Things Belong To The Cat!

The saying that in the cats world all things belong to the cat is most certainly true! The cat is an animal who unlike a dog will consider your instructions to be at best, advisory. Don't expect your cat to treat you as its master or mistress, just not gonna happen! :)

From Kitten To Cat Your New Pet Will Give You Awesome Memories

The Moment Your Eyes Meet Your Heart Will Melt

The moment you see your new cat as he enters your life your heart melts. There is jus something about them that in all the strength they hold they still feel kinda vulnerable! Whatever you give you will however get back tenfold for a cat will never let you down.

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Hearts Stolen

Laughs Given

Energy Used

Pests Controlled

Our Process

Discover how we will match you with your perfect kittie

We Discuss Your Perfect Net Pet With You

1. We Discuss Your Pet

First we will discuss with you any preferences you may have in your ideal pet.

We Care About Cats.  That Is Why We Check Every Home In Which We Place A Cat

2. Checking Your Home Is Cat Friendly

Do you live in a kittie friendly home? Near dangerous roads or predeters who might hurt your new pet? We will check your home to make sure that only suitable pets will be homed.

After Talking To You, Checking Your Home We Will Match You With The Perfect New Cat For You!

3. Matching You With Your Cat

Not all cats suit all households. Traumatised or feral kitties will be ideal with one or two people but unsuitable for homes with children. If you have kids we will match you with a kittle who will love to be around children as well as adults.

Why Have A Cat?

Why have a cat? We explore some of the reasons below!

Funny Times

Cats are funny! Whether they are darting from one end of the room to another with their eyes pulsating almost out of their heads or simply doing tricks their personalities shine through! And every cat has their own personality!

Playing Is Fun

Kittens and cats love to play! Cats are predators and will liven up the day no end as their determination to kill that red dot from the light takes over their world!


Pest Control

Cats are incredible predators. Have a problem with rats or mice? A cat will sort this out for you in double quick time! And will kill any flies in the house for you too for good measure!


Cats make great pets. They are not hard work, you do not have to be leader to keep a cat in line! You do not have to walk cats (try walking along a fence top if you think you should!) and look only for a home, food and water.

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